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March 2023 special days.jpg

ALSO @ PLDC in March:

Saturday Catch Up Dances
2nd dance: Being Planned Now
If you are interested in getting info about these dances, text your name and email address to Suzi, 217-413-8646
   Regular door fee ($5 guests, $3 members)

Doors Open 8:30a - 1st Lesson 9a - Dance 9a to 12noon 

8:30 - Arrive by 8:50

9:00a - Lesson 1: Hooked On Country
9:30a - 30min of dancing
10:00a - Lesson 2: Tush Push
10:30a - 30min of dancing
11:00a - Lesson 3: Little Rhumba
11:30a - 30min of dancing
12noon - Dance concludes - Don't forget to Practice!

Dances Every Week:  7pm - Doors Open 6:30 

Wednesdays & Fridays - Open Dancing
Wednesday: free Patterned Dance Lesson @ 7:30 
(free with paid admission)


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