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PLDC Bootnotes 

Prairie Land Dance Club
Currently Has No Schedule Changes.
Drive Carefully and Stay Safe! 


Dances Every Week on 
Wed & Fri 7:30pm
Wednesdays are Free Lesson Nights
(Lesson Free w/pd admission)
Free Patterned Dance
Lesson Schedule:


Apr 24 & May 1 - Mike R (New!)

May 8 & 15 - Julia & Bob (They're back!)

May 22 & 29 - Robyn S (New!)
June 5 & 12 - Gary & Connie
June 19 & 26 - Suzi & Les 
(teaching a great beach dance!)

July 3 & 10 - Julia & Bob
July 14 & 24 - Patty & John

Aug 31 & 7 - Suzi & Les

Aug 14 & 21 - Gary & Connie


Check out the
Event Page

for more info on the
Young Dance Inc
dances scheduled!

May 11th - June 8th
July 13th - August 3rd
Sept 7th - Oct 5th (w/Costumes!)

and  December 28th with
Rosie & the Rivets Band!

Thank you Jon Young
for hosting these dances!!



Dorothy's birthday is April 28th, so let's send her some cards! Contact Suzi (text 217-413-8646 for address).


Bob F. had a pacemaker placed and there was a complication - his lung was punctured.

UPDE: He is doing better and visited the club last week. It was so great to see him again - and on the dance floor!  


Lanny A dropped in recently but is not back long-term yet.


Jetta is BACK! She made it home last week! 


Guess Who is ALSO back and will be at the club tonight?


 Julia and Bob!!! 


PLDC has not been the same and

don't we ALL love Spring?? 

If you have information about someone needing a get well card, or some extra hugs and prayers,
please call/text Suzi 217-413-8646 and she will
pass the info on to Sharon or Julia. Thank you! 

Exciting News

We have much to be thankful for at PLDC.


Our Money Market Account is growing thanks to the AC Fundraisers, but also thanks to Interest Income!

That's a rare thing
these days!

The March interest
deposit was $57.80

Now that's a reason to kick
our heels!!

Another thing to give thanks for is that our checking account is very
healthy as well. 

Thank you Members and Guests alike for supporting your dance club!!


Yet Another Thing to celebrate is that we have

Thanks to

Cheryl S. & Gary M.

for training with Patty and becoming PLDC DJs!! When you see them, don't forget to thank them.

Here's Another Thankful Thing ...

!! We have two NEW Instructors,

Robyn S & Mike R !!

They will teach line danes and

we are so thrilled to add them

to the Instructor list !!


Thank you to All our Instructors !!


Sometime Soon

I hope to be able to thank

the person or persons

who step forward to be our
4th cleaner group! 

We currently have 3 groups,

the Serras - Gipsons - Morrows,

and we need one more

to round out the month.

Once a month you would

clean the bathrooms and dry mop the floor.

It takes two people less than

30 minutes to complete these duties.

Come out to dance about

30 minutes early to get it done,

if you like

so an additional trip to the club

is not necessary.

If you, or you and a friend,

would like to volunteer, please let Suzi M know. 

It's nice to have clean bathrooms and dance floor!


State Fair Demo is coming up in August.​

We are dancing on

Saturday Aug 17th
from 6-7pm at the

Village of Cultures!

(they give us

FREE admission and

a parking ticket!! Woot!!)

Everyone is Welcome,
not just members.
Come out and let
everyone see
how muh fun we have!!
(Let Sharon G, Suzi M, or Patty M know
if you'd like to dance!)

PLDC has a team of dancers who perform dance demonstrations for the public, such as nursing facilities, local fairs, the Il State Fair,

company parties & private events.

Everyone is invited to join in: members,

non-members, and all levels of dancers from

beginner to experienced! 

If you are interested in joining the Demo group, contact Sharon G, Patty M, or Suzi M.

Thank you to all the demo dancers for helping PLDC let the world know about the

club and country dancing!



PLDC Membership is $35/year per person.

Member door fee is $3 instead of $5,

All PLDC classes & lessons
FREE for
PLDC members.

Ask the door person for the Membership Form if you'd like to
join the Club.


There are no fundraisers 

Currently Planned

so ideas are welcomed!

Send your ideas to
any Officer,

Suzi Morrow,
Bob Gipson,
Pam Hinds,
Tom Serra,
or Sharon Gipson

AC Fundraising Total to date:

Our new goal is $20,000. 

The proceeds from

Young Dance Inc dances

will be applied to the

AC Fund.


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